Why am I even doing this?

Well the short answer is I’m insanely fucking bored. When i put..you know what, fuck it..i will NOT CAPITALIZE every fucking i. I used all my capitals for pointlessly capitalizing “capitalize”. Anywho, what was i saying. Oh ya, hold on actually let me read what i started..dude no fucking joke just got done reading the small paragraph and already forgot again. Um ok re-analyzed and i was answering a question no one asked so..um.. How are u reader? And yes i am also not going to waizt-thats a funny way to spell that.. Anyways im not going to write all of the word “you” it also.. is pointless. But dont misunderstand me and think i mean U-urself are pointless..cuz thats just not true. You, my friend, kick ass! Everybody who is as stoned as me raise ur hand.. You better have yo mo fuckin hand touch’n ceiling cuz if not you better light a blunt, joint, bong, and or a sticky green pipe load of some dank. Cuz ur gonna need it.20170120_000129.jpg


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