Anger!! Well im kind of angry, ok maybe slightly irritated describes my feelings at the present moment. You know that song “sitting, waiting, wishing” by Jack Johnson? Well that’s me. Everlong and unbearable. That’s how i would describe waiting for my boyfriend to..well, do anything really. “Be right back” yep every fucking time he says that, what a joke. It’s fine if you want to go Jack off in the bushes or whatever but dont fucking tell me you will be back right away if u are gonna be hours. Ya know, its enough to drive a girl mad. And i take back the bushes thing. Ya definitely scratch that, the neighbors would be confused and appoled, I’m sure of it. Like seriously don’t babe..if ur reading this, the Answer to your question is..yes i do really think you would go inside a bush, shake a bush with your raucous jerking off, and then finish up on the roof or some shit. Who knowz what else my crazy jealous weird prego mind is reeling (or is it realing) with possible outcomes of your possible but not yet proven deceat <  that doesnt seem right. Deceat…huh oh well fuck dictionarys or is it dictionaries ? Fuck


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