A little relief

I’m now staying in a motel for a week. Thank God my mom has money that she is willing to spend just to keep me away from her house. I’m kinda sad she didn’t even consider letting me be with my family instead of alone in a motel but I’ll take whatever I can get at this point. I’m very grateful but also feeling lonely.

Am I lazy or just fucking weird?

OK,  I’m lazy and weird.  You ever get stuck in your car? Like when you get home you are cold and hungry,  scared in your dark driveway in the middle of the night,  tired and ready for bed,  but yet you just can’t bring yourself to get the fuck out of your car. You keep wondering why,  until you finally realize what’s stopping you is the mountain of fucking grocery bags filled with food you have to actually put away once you get in.  And fuck me if you don’t somehow always over load the horrible paper bags to the point of breaking and dumping that delicious bounty all over your driveway.  Then,  oh no here it comes the feeling a ghost is staring right at u,  well if not a ghost a serial killer. Either way now ur running away from the pile of food in ur driveway.  Well, I know that feeling oftenAcid_Skull-wallpaper-9219702.jpg.. Anyone else?

Anyone ever?

Sometimes, OK all the time I find myself too lazy to load a bowl. Weed is just a small amount more important to my survival than oxygen. So why is it that I have been procrastinating since 10am (it’s now 2pm) I can see the pipe, close, weed, also right next to me. So why is it that I continue to just stare at it. Like its going to load and smoke itself? I wonder if this happens to anyone else

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Anger!! Well im kind of angry, ok maybe slightly irritated describes my feelings at the present moment. You know that song “sitting, waiting, wishing” by Jack Johnson? Well that’s me. Everlong and unbearable. That’s how i would describe waiting for my boyfriend to..well, do anything really. “Be right back” yep every fucking time he says that, what a joke. It’s fine if you want to go Jack off in the bushes or whatever but dont fucking tell me you will be back right away if u are gonna be hours. Ya know, its enough to drive a girl mad. And i take back the bushes thing. Ya definitely scratch that, the neighbors would be confused and appoled, I’m sure of it. Like seriously don’t babe..if ur reading this, the Answer to your question is..yes i do really think you would go inside a bush, shake a bush with your raucous jerking off, and then finish up on the roof or some shit. Who knowz what else my crazy jealous weird prego mind is reeling (or is it realing) with possible outcomes of your possible but not yet proven deceat <  that doesnt seem right. Deceat…huh oh well fuck dictionarys or is it dictionaries ? Fuck

Why am I even doing this?

Well the short answer is I’m insanely fucking bored. When i put..you know what, fuck it..i will NOT CAPITALIZE every fucking i. I used all my capitals for pointlessly capitalizing “capitalize”. Anywho, what was i saying. Oh ya, hold on actually let me read what i started..dude no fucking joke just got done reading the small paragraph and already forgot again. Um ok re-analyzed and i was answering a question no one asked so..um.. How are u reader? And yes i am also not going to waizt-thats a funny way to spell that.. Anyways im not going to write all of the word “you” it also.. is pointless. But dont misunderstand me and think i mean U-urself are pointless..cuz thats just not true. You, my friend, kick ass! Everybody who is as stoned as me raise ur hand.. You better have yo mo fuckin hand touch’n ceiling cuz if not you better light a blunt, joint, bong, and or a sticky green pipe load of some dank. Cuz ur gonna need it.20170120_000129.jpg